The Paddock Pool: a TTP Hydrotherapy facility

We are Claire and James Redhead, the very fortunate owners of The Paddock Pool.

In 2019, we were recommended hydrotherapy to treat Claire’s chronic back problems. However, we were not able to find a suitable private pool, so we used our savings and built our own!

By 2020, we were very conscious that the pool was under-used and could potentially be suitable for use as a medical facility.

We did some research and found that there was a growing shortage of private medical hydrotherapy facilities in England. The vast majority of the existing facilities being located in hospitals and hospices, special schools and other special rehabilitation centres. We also found out that many hospital pools were having to close for cost reasons, further restricting potential access for suitable patients.

We immediately made the decision to open a medical hydrotherapy facility. In the same year, we became qualified hydrotherapy pool operators and found our highly experienced aquatic therapists, who were, very fortunate for us, on maternity leave at the time!

We wanted The Paddock Pool to be a really special place, where our patients received the very best medical treatment in an environment where they were looked after and pampered a bit!

For the future, we are determined to make medical hydrotherapy treatment as accessible and affordable as possible. This is not easy, as hydrotherapy pools are expensive to run. We believe, we are now really able to deliver on this promise to our patients with the opening of our Group Pool.

We hope you will enjoy your experience as a TTP Hydrotherapy patient as much as we enjoy looking after you throughout your rehabilitation treatment with us.

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