Hydrotherapy Pool Operators Certificate

The Paddock Pool is managed by Claire and James Redhead who both hold the Hydrotherapy Pool Operator’s Certificate.

This course is accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group and complies with their current code of practice.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Annual Safety Review

The Paddock Pool is advised by independent swimming pool Health and Safety consultants, who have undertaken a full Health and Safety risk assessment.

The risk assessment report is available on request. In addition, an annual safety review is carried out every autumn.

Water Testing and Water Quality

Twice daily water testing is undertaken, when hydrotherapy treatments are being carried out.

The results of these tests are recorded on a weekly chart, which can be viewed on the notice board. Other weekly water tests are also conducted and
recorded on the same chart.

A weekly backwashing of the pool water is also completed to maintain the required water quality.

Micro-biological Water Testing

The Paddock Pool is contracted with Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd,

the UK’s leading company for pool sampling to conduct monthly micro-biological water sampling tests. 

Emergency Pool Rescue and First Aid

All practitioners and pool staff are trained and certified in emergency pool rescue and first aid at work.

Annual refresher training is undertaken to maintain these important safety standards.

If you would like more information, please complete our enquiries form or
contact us at help@thepaddockpool.co.uk