The Paddock Pool has introduced a detailed set of social distancing measures to ensure the personal safety of our patients

These measures must be followed at all times.


The Paddock Pool entrance has automated gates and provides dedicated visitor parking bays.


PPE is provided in the visitors parking area for our patients.

Your temperature will be taken by a staff member, who will also instruct you on how to prepare for your treatment session. You will be required to sign a consent form.


You will be escorted to The Paddock Pool, maintaining social distancing at all times. You will not be required to touch any door handles.


The Paddock Pool provides robes, bath sheets, hand towels, bath mats, sliders and swim hats and shoes for your sole use.

Once showered, patients will be requested to put on new PPE before proceeding into the pool building, which is reached via a glass door. Your aquatic therapist will maintain social distancing at all times during your treatment.


After your hydrotherapy session, you will return to the changing room and shower and change.

Sanitised bins are provided for all used linen and sliders. Patients will put on new PPE before leaving the changing room and returning to your car to depart. Patients will not overlap at any time.

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